Enjoy a peaceful, comfortable flight


The A20 headset gives you 30% greater noise reduction than conventional aviation headsets, so you’ll enjoy a peaceful flight from short stops to long hauls. And at just 12 ounces, with sheepskin cushions and minimal clamping force, it's one of the lightest and most comfortable aviation headsets you’ll find. All designed to let you focus on what matters—flying.



Clear audio for music and communication

Bose Active EQ keeps the audio clear and distinct, whether you’re listening to music or an important communication.

Simple, intuitive operation

Plug-and-play convenience means the headset is ready to fly when you are—no need to press a lot of buttons first just to activate it.


Enhance your experience

the ergonomic control module includes an auxiliary audio input with intercom/aux priority switching, ideal for dedicated gps and traffic warning systems. it also features a customizable audio prioritization control with “mute” and “mix” settings, and flexible power circuitry with auto-on that switches to and from battery power and aircraft power. select models also include bluetooth connectivity for taking calls or listening to music.




For all types of aircraft

The A20 Aviation Headset is available in dual plug, 6-pin plug and U174 plug models and a variety of configurations designed for use in all types of general aviation aircraft, including helicopters.

* Features available in certain variants of the headset

What plugs do I need ?

Twin Plugs are found in almost all GA aircraft and most Boeing 737s. U/174 (also known as US NATO) is used in most helicopters. LEMO plugs can be found in some GA aircraft and helicopters but are certainly not universal. XLR5 connectors (also known as Airbus connectors) are primarily used in Airbus aircraft and a few Boeing 737s - mainly those of Transavia and Norwegian as well as some military aircraft.


High or low impedance? High impedance headsets are the norm, low impedance headsets are almost exclusively for use in military aircraft.

The Bose® A20® Aviation Headset carries a 5 year warranty.

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 Headset Plugs - the most common varieties



All Bose headsets are supplied with a carry case

Bose A20 Cable Assembly Bluetooth U/174U High Impedance, straight cord


Bose A20 Cable Assembly, LEMO plug, Bluetooth


Bose A20 Cable Assembly Bluetooth, XLR5


Bose A20 Cable Assembly, dual plugs, Bluetooth


Bose Microphone Sock - High Impedance Microphone


Bose Microphone Sock - Low Impedance Microphone


Bose Clothing Clip


Bose A20 Ear Cushions


Bose A20® headset headband cushion


Bose A20® headset service accessory kit


Bose Adapter LEMO > twin plug


Bose Adapter LEMO >U174/U


Bose LEMO Installation Kit 323172-0010